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Category Color:
Carlo Pedersen, Denmark

Distinctions: EFIAP, ESDF, MSDF  

I am 80 years old, I have had photography as an interest for around 65 of those years.
In 1985 I became a member of a photo club, and SDF (Association of Danish Photography), as I still am. Since then, I have been involved in almost everything in photography.

Participated in countless photo events, competitions, SDF, The Golden, and various salons around the world. In SDF I have been vice chairman for 6 years, in those years I arranged an annual Event.
Chairman of a photo club. Exhibited in many places throughout Denmark and participated as judge in many exciting salons and exhibitions.
In 2008, I published a photo biography of the now deceased master photographer Viggo Rivad, and in this connection, I organized exhibitions across the country as well as Germany.
Photo trips to i.e., New Zealand, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Cuba, India, Nepal, Poland, England, Kaliningrad, and a lot of other countries. In connection with this, I have given 10 lectures.

Was a professional speedway photographer and wedding photographer as well as portrait photograph with own studio - permanent photographer at "Nyborg Voldspil".

Arranged a photo competition called, which ran for approx. 3 years. The competition criteria were monochrome photos with people. 

My biggest passion is the black and white photo with people telling a story, although Color photography has had a larger portion of my interest in the last couple of years. In this way I have expanded my area of interest.                                                                                                          

IdaRefsgaard Category Color:
Ida Refsgaard, Denmark
Distinctions:  MSDFb

My photographic baseline has for many years been nature and landscape images. It is fascinating to move around in nature, follow the shift of light and the lines of landscapes.

In recent years, I have worked with nature´s own abstractions and gone close with the macro lens.
I am interested in architecture and have portrayed relationships between culture and nature, both locally and on the many trips I have made.

Instagram: ir50

 OveLyngsie Category Color:
Ove Lyngsie, Denmark
Distinctions:  ESDF

My photographic experience spans over a period of more than 50 years. Film, developer, magnifier, and red light in the darkroom was my photographic world until digital technology came and revolutionized the entire photographic universe.

For more than 22 years I have been chairman of Denmark´s first photo club, KFAK (Copenhagen´s Photographic Amateur Club), which was founded in 1895.

My own world of photography is quite versatile, but I often return to street photography, landscape photography and night photography. By the way, I like all photographic genres - even those I do not actively cultivate myself.

I have been the prime mover in organizing several judge training courses, where the purpose has been to give the participants some tools for a good image assessment as well as the desire and courage to judge other people´s images. I have myself been a judge in several international salons.

ERikHolmgaard Category Monochrome and Creative:
Erik Holmgaard, Denmark
Distinctions: EFIAP, MSDFb

My photographic career started more than 40 years ago, which mean that I worked analogously with image creation in a darkroom as well as working with hand coloring, Polaroid transferring etc. I have since switched to digital photography, using Photoshop.
My favorite motifs are mostly people in their environments, but I also work creatively with the numerous possibilities in Photoshop.
I have participated in national and international competitions as well as various exhibitions.

Category Monochrome and Creative:
Nicolai Godvin, Denmark
Distinctions:  MNFFF/b, NSMiF/g, EFIAP, ASDF

Autodidact photographer since 2008.
Photography is for me a passion that has developed a lot after a cancer diagnosis back in 2008. At that point I set out to learn everything worth knowing about photography. I have photographed many different categories during the years and must admit that street photography and bird photography give me the most joy today.
In my eyes it is two challenging categories as they both require careful preparation and a lot of patience to get the good motifs. I know nothing better than taking a trip to a city and then explore with the camera - finding a nice place in the city and then wait for the one person to come and fill out the picture.
We see the motifs in color, but today, when I do Street Photography, I can see them in monochrome at the same time and on the spot, which makes it extremely exciting for me. In the last two years I have also found great joy in bird photography in nature as I have always been very happy to explore nature.

In 2016 I began to participate in various photo competitions recognized by NFFF (Nordic Society of Photography) and FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art).

 NilsErikJerlemar Category Monochrome and Creative:
Nils-Erik Jerlemar, Sweden

I started with photography in 1969, and I got my first acceptance in an international exhibition in 1974, and after a break in 1986, to pursue my professional life, I started competing internationally again in 2004.
I have been awarded more than 1.000 International Awards and more than 8.000 accepted works in international exhibitions.
I have been Exhibition Chairman for almost 40 international exhibitions, digital as well as prints, and I have been a part of the judging team for a lot of exhibitions worldwide
In 2013 I was elected as President of the National Association of Swedish Photography (Riksförbundet Svensk Fotografi - RSF).
I am initiator and co-founder of the Nordic Society of Photography (Nordiska Förbundet för Fotografi - NFFF) and I have been its president since the beginning of 2015.



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