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Winners in: Over all
Award Title Author Country
FIAP special pin - Best author over all DesertRino Marcel Egger Austria
Golden Gold Medal - Best author over all BeautyQueen Marcel Egger Austria
Golden Silver Medal - Best DK author over all The Adventures of the Catwoman Peter Båtz Denmark

Winners in: Colour
Award Title Author Country
PSA Gold Medal Whip marks of love Xinxin Chen China
Fiap Gold Medal icecave Marie Gustafsson Sweden
PSA Silver Medal Stair of despair Kim Kristensen Denmark
Fiap Silver Medal Strictly Ballroom Stefan Nielsen Denmark
PSA Bronze Medal Throwing For Gold Keith Elgin United Kingdom
Fiap Bronze Medal The Holy Shadow Jonas D. Madsen Denmark
SDF Gold Medal Bairro Alto Wolfgang Gilges Germany
SDF Silver Medal Boring Art Ole Suszkiewicz Denmark
SDF Bronze Medal Waiting in Line Allan Jensen Denmark
Golden Gold Medal Kærlighed Marianne Thorborg Ottosen Denmark
Golden Silver Medal The Nenets19 Xinxin Chen China
Golden Bronze Medal Evening at Tekapo Michael Johansen Denmark
PSA Ribbon Daliang Mountains45 Beimeng Liu China
Fiap Ribbon The mouth guard goes off Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Spain
Fiap Ribbon Staircase_2 Preben Bruus Denmark
Fiap Ribbon The Blacksmith Allan Jensen Denmark
Fiap Ribbon The Textures of Winter Mieke Boynton Australia
Fiap Ribbon Patterns in yellow blue and gray Jesper Fremming Denmark
SDF Diploma Womens Pain LEONID GOLDIN Israel
SDF Diploma Hold jer tæt sammen Hans Christian Nielsen Denmark
SDF Diploma Ladder Lights Lars Ivar Hauschultz Denmark
SDF Diploma Gavle Lars Moegreen Denmark
SDF Diploma Relax Maybritt Hodal Jensen Denmark
Golden Diploma Tribal people 2 Bob Chiu United States of America
Golden Diploma Hungry Polar Bear Allan Jensen Denmark
Golden Diploma Early morning in Kashmir8 Maggie Sun Canada
Golden Diploma Handicapped Track 02 Shin Woo Ryu Korea (south)
Golden Diploma Dance games Jouko Eskelinen Finland
Golden Silver medal - Best author in category Blend with nature Duc Toai Le Vietnam
Golden Bronze medal - Best DK author category Waiting in Line Allan Jensen Denmark
Golden Diploma sk8ter Jeff Origer Luxembourg
NFFF Gold Medal Camel Dog Xiping An China
NFFF Silver Medal Somnium Verum Evadit Luc Stalmans Belgium
NFFF Bronze Medal Palouse 13 Shin Woo Ryu Korea (south)

Winners in: Monocrome
Award Title Author Country
PSA Gold Medal Translucent hypnosis Luc Stalmans Belgium
Fiap Gold Medal Madeleine Jan Hammerstad Denmark
PSA Silver Medal WaterDog Marcel Egger Austria
Fiap Silver Medal Dark Beauty RICOS ANDREAS GREGORIOU Cyprus
Fiap Bronze Medal La marche des Géants 1 ETIENNE Anne-Marie France
SDF Gold Medal With Gritted Teeth Keith Elgin United Kingdom
SDF Silver Medal Bears in the mood M Arne Bergo Norway
SDF Bronze Medal Roof Sport Ole Suszkiewicz Denmark
Golden Gold Medal Tango Karsten Madsen Denmark
Golden Silver Medal Black Buffalo Nox ETIENNE Anne-Marie France
Golden Bronze Medal Street Vibeke Svare Denmark
PSA Ribbon NakedRain Marcel Egger Austria
PSA Ribbon Walking to the future city Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Spain
Fiap Ribbon Valk alone Lars Moegreen Denmark
Fiap Ribbon Gallop Christina Nast Hungary
Fiap Ribbon Waiting Kauko Lehtonen Finland
Fiap Ribbon The House Kjeld Vestberg Hansen Denmark
Fiap Ribbon Black Robe Kim Kristensen Denmark
SDF Diploma Protect with body 02 H.W. CHAN Hong Kong
SDF Diploma Annas Pointe Keith Elgin United Kingdom
SDF Diploma Baby elephant coming Claude SIMON Belgium
SDF Diploma Magena strong gaze Håkon Grønning Norway
SDF Diploma Man with a pipe Jouko Eskelinen Finland
Golden Diploma Casa bunicii_SSK_1298 søren skov Denmark
Golden Diploma Freedom Zsoka Lorincz Hungary
Golden Diploma Shepherders daugther Benny Rytter Denmark
Golden Diploma Red and Black7 Xinxin Chen China
Golden Diploma Dubai Gotham Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Spain
Golden Silver medal - Best author in category XXL.VI.MCMXC Luc Stalmans Belgium
Golden Bronze medal - Best DK author category Pushing the shades Kim Kristensen Denmark
Golden Diploma Julie Vera 9 Jan Hammerstad Denmark
Golden Diploma Nocaut Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Spain
Golden Diploma Tango Feeling Stefan Nielsen Denmark
Golden Diploma Vehicles Barbro Lindh Sweden
Golden Diploma Skomar Hans Christian Nielsen Denmark
NFFF Gold Medal Port Lockroy 12 Volker Meinberg Germany
NFFF Silver Medal Jeanne after the Victory Luc Stalmans Belgium
NFFF Bronze Medal The Man From The Black Corner Reza Vahdati Denmark

Acceptance list for: Colour
Author Title Country
Aage Madsen The ferry Denmark
Aage Madsen Cubist portrait Denmark
Alexander Hochhaus Shoetime Germany
Alison J Fryer Copper Tones United Kingdom
Alison J Fryer The Gymnast United Kingdom
Alison J Fryer Morning Feed United Kingdom
Alison J Fryer On the Steps United Kingdom
Allan Jensen The Blacksmith Denmark
Allan Jensen Hungry Polar Bear Denmark
Allan Jensen Waiting in Line Denmark
Antony McAulay Vintage Petrol Pumps Sweden
Antony McAulay Narrow Alley and stairway on Santorini Sweden
Arvid Nielsen Stephanie in brown Denmark
Barbro Lindh Flies Sweden
Beimeng Liu Daliang Mountains45 China
Beimeng Liu Tribe Homeland 3 China
Birgitte Tonetta Ruste out-for-coffee Denmark
Bjørn DYKESTEEN Buzzard looking for food Norway
Bob Chiu Tribal people 2 United States of America
Bob Chiu Ethiopia child59 United States of America
Carlo Pedersen Alene Denmark
Christina Nast Trees on the mirror Hungary
Claus Andreasen Chharka Shopping Center Denmark
Deying Huang Freedom China
Deying Huang Impression of Xiapu4 China
Duc Toai Le Conversation Vietnam
Duc Toai Le Blend with nature Vietnam
Duc Toai Le Pray Vietnam
Duc Toai Le Life on river 3 Vietnam
Elsa Angen Slalom Ski in Dolomites Denmark
Elsa Angen Fejø Havn Denmark
Emanuele Zuffo Piccolo marinaio Italy
Erik Holmgaard Reader Politiken Denmark
Erik Jensen Spiral staircase Denmark
ETIENNE Anne-Marie Poling Lady France
ETIENNE Anne-Marie La danse des Astrilds France
Flemming Mejneche Cafe Denmark
Francesco Pelle Marche landscape 2 Italy
Grethe Aasted Therkelsen Tatovering Denmark
Hans Christian Nielsen Hold jer tæt sammen Denmark
Hans Christian Nielsen Flemming Denmark
Hans J. Roding Andersen A Painted Lady - eying you Denmark
Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Mouth feeding Denmark
Henrik Ramsing Kristensen Seagul umbrella Denmark
Henryk Piotr Garbat Feelings Poland
Håkon Grønning Circle of 10 000 years Norway
Håkon Grønning Wave up the earth Norway
J.R. Schnelzer Blue Nets United States of America
Jacek Szczerbaniewicz Mime Poland
Jan Hammerstad Julie Vera 8 Denmark
Jeff Origer sk8ter Luxembourg
Jesper Fremming Patterns in yellow blue and gray Denmark
Jesper Fremming Brunch at dizzy heights Denmark
Jesper Fremming The morning mist at Söderåsen Denmark
Jesper Knudsen Kestrel 001 Denmark
Jesper Knudsen Heron 16-1 Denmark
John Teglmand Green and Orange Denmark
Johnny Blaabjerg Dyg The Barbershop-1 Denmark
Johnny Blaabjerg Dyg What a Beauty_3 Denmark
Jon Knutsen The Punch Norway
Jon Knutsen Lavender fun Norway
Jon Knutsen Man with Scully Norway
Jonas D. Madsen The Old Mill Denmark
Jonas D. Madsen The Holy Shadow Denmark
Jouko Eskelinen Dance games Finland
Jørgen Werner Jensen The Blue Water.jpg Denmark
Jørgen Werner Jensen Lønstrup Strand.jpg Denmark
Jørgen Werner Jensen Geese on the way.jpg Denmark
Karsten Madsen Bolsa Denmark
Karsten Madsen Hilsen Denmark
Kauko Lehtonen Cranes Finland
Keith Elgin Throwing For Gold United Kingdom
Kim Kristensen Strenght and Balance Denmark
Kim Kristensen Stair of despair Denmark
Kjersti Holst towards reynisdrangar Norway
Kjersti Holst lonely bird in ice environment Norway
Lajos Csaki The Coffee Hungary
Lars Ivar Hauschultz Ladder Lights Denmark
Lars Ivar Hauschultz The distance between us Denmark
Lars Moegreen Gavle Denmark
Lee Eng Tan Looking Out 1 Singapore
LEONID GOLDIN Womens Pain Israel
LEONID GOLDIN Roses for loved ones Israel
Ling Xie Train Festival16 China
Ling Xie Pray 2 China
Luc Stalmans Somnium Verum Evadit Belgium
Luc Stalmans Bellezza Italiana Belgium
Luc Stalmans The Rope Belgium
Mads Henriksen You might die trying II Denmark
Mads Henriksen Grand Central Denmark
Mads Henriksen Kamille XII Denmark
Maggie Sun Early morning in Kashmir8 Canada
Marcel Egger NightFlight Austria
Marcel Egger ThaiFisherman Austria
Marcel Egger DesertRino Austria
Marcel Egger FlamingoLove Austria
Marek Rawski Dance Poland
Marianne Thorborg Ottosen Kærlighed Denmark
Marie Gustafsson mystic nature Sweden
Marie Gustafsson icecave Sweden
Marion Otterlei Arrival Norway
Marion Otterlei The Doll Norway
Maybritt Hodal Jensen Relax Denmark
Michael Johansen Glowing mountains Denmark
Michael Johansen Evening at Tekapo Denmark
Mieke Boynton Eystrahorn Australia
Mieke Boynton The Textures of Winter Australia
Nicolaj Møller Despair Denmark
Nils-Erik Jerlemar Mine Worker No 6 Sweden
Nina Jonsson Thirsty hare Norway
Nina Jonsson Mind your back Norway
Nina Jonsson Breakfast Norway
Ole Suszkiewicz Boring Art Denmark
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz The mouth guard goes off Spain
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Cormoran Fisherman in the river Spain
Per Martens Goin up Denmark
Peter Båtz Wandering Denmark
Peter Båtz The Adventures of the Catwoman Denmark
Peter Båtz On a Bridge in Berlin Denmark
Phillip Kwan Wheelchair Rugby 12 Canada
Preben Bruus Staircase_2 Denmark
Reza Vahdati The Girl From The Train Denmark
Reza Vahdati Lets Run Denmark
Roald Synnevåg Bear with cubs Norway
Robert Andersen Merida Denmark
Rolf Sylta Up or down2 Norway
Sherman Cheang Bird And Snake Fighting Macao
Shin Woo Ryu Palouse 13 Korea (south)
Shin Woo Ryu Handicapped Track 02 Korea (south)
Shin Woo Ryu Ice Cliff Climbing Korea (south)
Simon Vanroy Strepy 1 Belgium
Steen Jensen Erling Denmark
Stefan Nielsen Strictly Ballroom Denmark
Stefan Nielsen Girl with Mask Denmark
Steffen Faisst Dovre fjell 01 Denmark
SUBHRA ROYCHOWDHURY Fisherman life India
søren andersen Søen Denmark
søren andersen Hvilken vej Denmark
Tage Christiansen Waterfront Denmark
Thanasis Hadjipavlou Spider eyes Cyprus
Thanasis Hadjipavlou Power Cyprus
Tony Clementz Burton and Alice Sweden
Tore Gravelsæter Reflection Norway
Tove Bråten Old days Norway
Vasja Doberlet Novigrad VII Slovenia
Wolfgang Gilges Ruvije 4 Germany
Wolfgang Gilges Ruvije Germany
Wolfgang Gilges Bairro Alto Germany
Xiaomei Xu Little pillars China
Xiaomei Xu Girl in red China
Xinxin Chen Whip marks of love China
Xinxin Chen The Nenets19 China
Xiping An Old Towering4 China
Xiping An Camel Dog China
Zsoka Lorincz Swallowtales Hungary

Acceptance list for: Monocrome
Author Title Country
Aage Madsen Horse race 3 Denmark
Alexander Hochhaus Eta Germany
Allan Jensen I Follow You Denmark
Andy Fryer Sunflowers United Kingdom
Anne Margrete Vognild Einum Oline with the coffee cup Norway
Anne Margrete Vognild Einum Mats with open eyes Norway
Arne Bergo Bears in the mood M Norway
Arne Bergo Three Bears M Norway
Barbro Lindh Vehicles Sweden
Beimeng Liu Black Face China
Benny Rytter Mystified Denmark
Benny Rytter Spawning_BW Denmark
Benny Rytter Shepherders daugther Denmark
Bill Hodges Motor X in the maize Field New Zealand
Bjørn DYKESTEEN Walk the line Norway
Christina Nast Gallop Hungary
Christina Nast Symphony Hungary
Claude SIMON Very old Bushman mama Belgium
Claude SIMON Baby elephant coming Belgium
Danlei Ye Tribal people23 Canada
David Norris Quarry Inlet Australia
David Norris Maggie1 Australia
Duc Toai Le Thunderstorms Vietnam
Duc Toai Le Beach at low tide Vietnam
Elisa Putti Cats Finland
Erik Holmgaard Young love Denmark
Erik Jensen Little house Denmark
Erik Jensen Space Denmark
Erkki Tuominen Anita Finland
Erno Pakot Suspicious look. Romania
ETIENNE Anne-Marie Black Buffalo Nox France
ETIENNE Anne-Marie Fenêtre sur cour France
ETIENNE Anne-Marie La marche des Géants 1 France
Finn Regil Skyline Denmark
Flemming Ryborg WonderShasta2 Denmark
Flemming Ryborg DianaJessica Denmark
Francesco Pelle The tractor Italy
Francesco Pelle Waiting of the wind Italy
H.W. CHAN Stair Step M5 Hong Kong
H.W. CHAN Protect with body 02 Hong Kong
Hans Christian Nielsen Skomar Denmark
Hans Christian Nielsen Turens smukkeste dag Denmark
Helle Lorenzen Sunday morning Denmark
Helle Lorenzen Stranger in the morning Denmark
Hengki Lee The Voyagers Indonesia
Henrik Ramsing Kristensen 4 soldiers Denmark
Håkon Grønning Magena strong gaze Norway
Håkon Grønning Upside down split Norway
Inge Sole Dalå Før regnen Denmark
Jan Hammerstad Madeleine Denmark
Jan Hammerstad Julie Vera 9 Denmark
Jeff Origer Rond Luxembourg
Jesper Fremming St Pauls Anglican Church Tokaanu Denmark
Jesper Fremming Owl in flight III Denmark
Jiangchuan Tong The Divine Horse 1 China
Jon Knutsen Polar Bear Portrait Norway
Jon Knutsen Stretching Norway
Jon Knutsen Stretch on the box Norway
Jon Knutsen Eyes on you Norway
Jonas D. Madsen Alone with the Nature mono Denmark
Jonas D. Madsen The girl who came from the west Denmark
Jouko Eskelinen Salla and Heikki 1-3 Finland
Jouko Eskelinen Man with a pipe Finland
Karsten Madsen Uden hænder Denmark
Karsten Madsen Tango Denmark
Karsten Madsen Dans Denmark
Katarina Holmström Swirl Sweden
Kauko Lehtonen Waiting Finland
Kauko Lehtonen Moonlight Finland
Kauko Lehtonen Lonely Man Finland
Keith Elgin Lost In The Moment United Kingdom
Keith Elgin With Gritted Teeth United Kingdom
Keith Elgin Annas Pointe United Kingdom
Kim Kristensen Black Robe Denmark
Kim Kristensen Balcony veil Denmark
Kim Kristensen Pushing the shades Denmark
Kim Kristensen Door framed Denmark
Kim Møller Andersen M1 Denmark
Kim Møller Andersen Isabella Denmark
Kim Møller Andersen Bahnhof am Potsdamer platz Denmark
Kjeld Vestberg Hansen The House Denmark
Lajos Csaki Mea culpa Hungary
Lars Ivar Hauschultz Bright descent Denmark
Lars Moegreen Valk alone Denmark
Lars-Håkan Hansson Cuban FC BW Sweden
Lee Eng Tan Workers collecting Salt BW Singapore
Lee Eng Tan Traditional Drummer 7 Singapore
LEONID GOLDIN Childhood tales Israel
Ling Xie Train Festival32 China
Luc Stalmans XXL.VI.MCMXC Belgium
Luc Stalmans Translucent hypnosis Belgium
Luc Stalmans Jeanne after the Victory Belgium
Luc Stalmans Meeting with an Amazone Belgium
Mads Henriksen Katinka III Denmark
Marcel Egger CarWash Austria
Marcel Egger NakedRain Austria
Marcel Egger WaterDog Austria
Marcel Egger BeautyQueen Austria
Marianne Thorborg Ottosen Kongen Denmark
Marianne Thorborg Ottosen Guldfoss Denmark
Marion Otterlei Embla Norway
Michael Johansen Arches Denmark
Michael Johansen Rodeo Denmark
Michel Dupouy Tentation France
Mieke Boynton Night Life Australia
Mieke Boynton Foggy Ride Australia
Mieke Boynton Quiver Tree and Milky Way Australia
Monica Wennblom Iceberg light Sweden
Nicolaj Møller Old Man Guatemala 1 Denmark
Nina Jonsson The thinker Norway
Nina Jonsson Hungry bunch Norway
Ole Suszkiewicz Roof Sport Denmark
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Nocaut Spain
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Dubai Gotham Spain
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Abyssal fish Spain
Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz Walking to the future city Spain
Per Martens Kolonihaven Denmark
Peter Båtz Walking with Time Denmark
Peter Båtz Railway to the Moon Denmark
Peter Båtz Beginning of a Journey Denmark
Peter Båtz After the Rain Denmark
Peter Gjevert Petersen Stevns_ny Denmark
Peter Ludwig body XII Germany
Phillip Kwan Bull Rider Falling 3 BW Canada
Reza Vahdati Thougths Denmark
Reza Vahdati The Man From The Black Corner Denmark
Reza Vahdati Look Into My Eyes Denmark
RICOS ANDREAS GREGORIOU light sculpture Cyprus
RICOS ANDREAS GREGORIOU I want to feel you Cyprus
Roald Synnevåg Bear with cub Norway
Robert Andersen Wondering Denmark
Sherman Cheang Playing In The Rain Macao
Shin Woo Ryu Transmission Line Korea (south)
Shin Woo Ryu Fog of Castle Korea (south)
Shin Woo Ryu Desert 07 Korea (south)
Stefan Nielsen Tango Feeling Denmark
Stefan Nielsen Metro Exit Denmark
Stefan Nielsen Commuters Denmark
Steffen Faisst banden Denmark
Steffen Faisst foxkiss Denmark
SUBHRA ROYCHOWDHURY Hiding the pain India
søren skov prince light Denmark
søren skov Casa bunicii_SSK_1298 Denmark
søren skov Insecure ll Denmark
søren skov Shepherd Fagaras Denmark
søren andersen På tur ved kanten Denmark
Tage Christiansen Cave Denmark
Thanasis Hadjipavlou Nostalgia Cyprus
Tom Søndergaard Den Blåplanet Denmark
Tom Søndergaard Blåbæk mølle Denmark
Vibeke Svare Street Denmark
Volker Meinberg Port Lockroy 12 Germany
Walter Gaberthuel Autumn clouds Italy
woodpecker huang jumpAS mono Taiwan
woodpecker huang cry for ocean dirty mono Taiwan
Xinxin Chen Red and Black7 China
Xiping An Shepherd And Seven Horses 3 China
Xiping An Grazing3 China
Xiping An Camels In Teh Desert China
Zoran Makarovic Jakob Croatia (Hrvatska)
Zoran Makarovic Man from Bilye 3 Croatia (Hrvatska)
Zsoka Lorincz Freedom Hungary

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